Sri Space in English and Japanese


Sri Space

Space is a unique spiritual organization. Space is created by spiritual Masters from India who have decades of spiritual expereinces in spirituality.
Space has created Spiritual Reality. Spiritual Reality-jouney within is a video on Meditation and Meditation Experiences, like Third Eye, Astral Travel. Spiritual Reality is in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu and in Tamil languages. Spiritual Reality is used as guideline tool in various spiritual, management institutions to explain the body, mind, intellect and Self.
Space has created Meditationguru. Meditationguru is a unique website created by the spiritual Masters through their personal experiences. Meditationguru conducts online Meditation classes. Meditationguru invites every one to enroll for Membership to learn and master the Meditation Techniques. Membership is free.
Space conducts Spiritual Classes at Mysore and places wherever people invite in groups.
Space has begun its next Creation Saŕŕva. The Creation is flowing through Nature. The Creation is for the highest understandings about one self to live Blissfully at all times and situations and to become a Creator. Saŕŕva explains in detail about the science of 'Prana'- the Consciousness, origin of 'Prana', life of 'Prana' in this physical plane, departure of 'Prana' from this frequency and many more. Saŕŕva will be in world class animated visuals with enchanting back score music to help one understand the Science in total.
Space is here to guide every one to know, understand and become That.
Space is the Path to live with Bliss, to become Unlimited and to be a Creator.
Space invites you to become Space Citizens.