Sri Space - Bliss

Life is to experience in total.
One can live with greater understanding.
One has to know:
Why the situations are not happening for him like the way he wants?.
What one has to do now at this situation?.
He should try to understand the situation in total.
He can not change the situation. So he should not try to change the situation. He applies so many methods to alter the situations, but fails. Some times he feels things are changing, but in the process he suffers, suffers and suffers.
One has to just experience the situation with understanding alone.
He has to do what he can do at the situation to experience. 
He should understand to live the situation by just being with it.
He should never blame the other person like spouse, parents, friends, fellow beings or situations for his suffering. It is because no body is the cause for his suffering except his ignorance.
His suffering is his own creation with wrong understandings.
Once he understands to live by just being with it, he experiences the situations with no strings attached. 
He just experiences. He will be blissful at the situation.
Then the situation dissolves and he moves to next experience with bliss. 
He also experiences the next situation with bliss. 
Situations will continue, experiences will continue, but without suffering, without inconveniences.
Life will be blissful.
It is the way to live.