Sri Space - Prana

'Prana', the Life Force.
When we are alive, 'Prana' is there.
When there is no ‘Prana', you are no more in the physical body.
You are dead.

Breath is a natural thing that happens in our human system.
Breath is directly related to our mind activities.
Normally one takes 10 to 14 Breaths per minute when he is mentally normal. When he gets tensed, breath rate increases to 25 and further, if he is super tensed, it may even touch 60 to 100. This is where Breath related problems aggravates, like high blood pressure etc.
When one's mind is relaxed, breath rate reduces.
If one is in calm mind, then his breath rate will be 8 to 10 breaths per minute. During deep sleep, breath rate will be 4 to 6 breaths per minute.
In Mediation, we reach Meditative state. In this state one will have No Breath at all.
If one practices Meditation continuously, mind will be very calm and peaceful. His breath rate also will be very low. At this point 'Prana' comes from our other source, through Bramha Randra.