Sri Space - Science of Consciousness

Science of the 'I', the Consciousness.
What we know as 'I' is the body and mind and our perceptions.
In total we call it as personality.
Personality is what you are- with your definition of your self- good, bad, beauty, ugly, happiness, sorrow, ego etc of our self and our preconceived ideas of others.
We believe that I am 'good' at some thing, 'bad' at some other thing; a person is 'good' and other person is 'bad'; one thing gives me 'happiness', other thing gives 'sorrow'...so on so forth...
We not only believe, but we want the next person to believe and we live with body-mind perceptions only.
Whenever some lacuna forms in our understandings, we cannot accept and we do not know what to do and what not to do. We may suffer because of this. We start blaming the situations for this; some times we blame our own Karma or we may look at abstract’ God'.
Whenever situations match with our understandings, situations are under our control. We feel 'happy' at the moment. 
So, we move from happiness to sorrow, sorrow to happiness..so on...
Can we understand beyond these small understandings?
Can we understand all situations?
Can we transcend the dualities?
The answer is emphatic YES.
For this one has to understand himself, transcend beyond body-mind consciousness and live with that Knowledge.
Here is the Science of 'I':
'I' is Consciousness. Consciousness is our original source, the base, the true 'I'.
Consciousness is with body-mind-intellect-Self.
Normally Consciousness will be with body-mind.