Sri Space

Space is an spiritual organization. Space is created by Spiritual Masters. Space is essence of Knowledge of the Spiritual Masters who have perceived the Knowledge through decades of research in other frequency realities, living with self in every moment of their life and understanding and becoming That.

We are Space Citizens who have perceived, understood and become That. Space citizens are unlimited, blissful and creative.

We are the Space citizens.

We know and understood the cosmic design.

We are here as a Path for the coming generations.

We are here to create the miraculous Space for coming generations.

We are a part of miraculous creation of Space, which is the design of the grand Cosmos.

Space is the Path.

The Path is to know and understand oneself in total.

By understanding one self in total, he starts living with Self.

By being with Self, he will perceive his life multidimensionaly.

By perceiving one's life multi dimensionally, he will live with Bliss. Further, he starts breaking the limitedness within himself and starts perceiving unlimitedness.

Further creation flows through him.

Space is a Path.

Space is a Path, which takes the whole humanity into a new space, where the only ‘feel’ will exist. That means there will not be any creed, caste etc, which are mind made boundaries. Mind made boundaries will be destroyed, dissoved in Space.

That is the Space, Cosmos is working for!

It is here where nature is flowing. It is the place where every one is ‘creative’. It is here every one will be blissful, harmonious at all times and given situations. It is the Space where the destiny of the Consciousness is fulfilled.

The destiny of the Path is to create the world where people live with Self.

The Space is the Path towards the destiny of your Consciousness.

Without moving towards fulfilling the destiny of Consciousness, every moment is hell, restricted, tensed, every thing which is in front of us appears like inconvenient situation.

To know and move towards the destiny, Space is required.

The Space is within you.

To find the Space you should not be there in your mind or body or intellect. You should be there with Self.

To be a part of Space just you have to stay with the Self. When you are there with the Self, the Path will automatically get created.

Each one of us have a unique Path. There will not be any comparison with any other person or with any thing.

To be all the time with the Self, you have to cross the body, mind, and intellect. To pass through all these stages, you must be loaded with full of Cosmic Energy. You can have Cosmic Energy only by stopping mind activity and by activating the Self. Then, the Consciousness will travel towards the Self.

By this you will be there with your Self.

The people who stay all the time with Self, they can know and understand and finally create the Space. They are known as Space citizens.

To become a Space citizen or to understand that you are Space citizen, check your self that whether you are there with body, mind, intellect or Self.

You can be a Space citizen only when you are there with the Self. Other wise you cannot be a Space citizen.

People who want to be a part of restructuring the world, people who want to live with out mind made boundaries like color, caste, creed, sex, nationality etc., be a member of the organization called Space.

We are here to make you as Space citizen.

Let us join and complete the project of the grand Cosmos, that is miraculous Space world.